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My space.

  This is not a Covid-19 post, even if the message is up to our current times. This is about the fact that despite our family situation, marital status, fatherhood, motherhood, leadership or whatever position that we have related to human interactions, we are individual beings. It is healthy to spend some time alone, reflect,… Continue reading My space.

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“Hair do”

She did cut her hair. The new look was amazing, and she was like  hovering around, fullfilings daily tasks with a new smile and a renewed liveliness; careless of the inquisitive looks or the judgemental gestures. Truth is she didn't actually care. That new unapologetic glam was showing the real meaning of not to give… Continue reading “Hair do”

Life chat

” Love yourself; the rest will come.”

Smart advice of the day, sisters: "If having love issues, never get sadder, get more beautiful instead!! And I don't mean only external beauty. I'm talking about spending that precious new free time growing yourself and upgrading to your next best version; instead of increasing your tears or feeding those useless self-pity feelings. So you… Continue reading ” Love yourself; the rest will come.”