Living alone abroad

“Eating from restaurants or learning basics of cooking?”

We must recognize that one of the main issues of going to live abroad is to adapt our eating routines. I mean, humans need to eat; but now we find that we are taking our meals alone, cooking only for ourselves (or in many cases actually cooking for the very first time in our lives as… Continue reading “Eating from restaurants or learning basics of cooking?”

Life chat

Life chat: “Feelings make us human.”

He was told he should always be strong! Strong, so that no trace of weakness is shown. Strong, to help the others depending on him to keep standing and moving forward. Strong, to prove to himself that he is able to defeat his own fears... As a result people could say he did succeed; but… Continue reading Life chat: “Feelings make us human.”

Life chat

” From where heartless monsters come.”

How to creat a careless lover? Were they as a regular person; with feelings and able to think about others once? See what you are doing now. Just a few days with him and you are saying that you love him?! You are an extremely strong confident woman, older than him, emotionally smarter, but you… Continue reading ” From where heartless monsters come.”