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“The Need of Control and the heavy anchor of the External Opinions (Part 1)”

 "When the delicate balance of self and others perception shifts because we begin seeking approval or attempting to control outcomes, we become externally focused and can literally lose sight of our essential nature". Michael J. Formica for Psychology Today At certain moments in our life we can hear others advising us: 《you have to move… Continue reading “The Need of Control and the heavy anchor of the External Opinions (Part 1)”

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Guide for Boosting your Defenses naturally In the Current Adverse Times.

Our body is a well designed machine. Under normal circumstances we are prepared to defend ourselves from inside out, as we born with some of the needed tools even though those are not initially functional; we start developing those tools right after taking our first breath outside our mother’s wombs. We have a perfectly organized… Continue reading Guide for Boosting your Defenses naturally In the Current Adverse Times.

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“The Healthy Lifestyle Day: a Rehearsal”

How hard following a healthy lifestyle could be? Are you able to accomplish at least one third of what for some people is a way of living? What about to try it now that you have plenty of time during this COVID-19 outbreak? Ok, knowing how many things could imply to beat a change like… Continue reading “The Healthy Lifestyle Day: a Rehearsal”

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Back to your life; it’s about time!

What matters to you right now? What are you trying to achieve? What is your main objective? The worries of this current moment might be pulling you away from your tasks. It is difficult to stay centred with all these bad news and  life changes, yet not impossible. Step one:  Back to FOCUS on what's… Continue reading Back to your life; it’s about time!


Acknowledgment of receipt: “Forgiveness.”

Acknowledgement of receipt: As it is the same inquiry, I invite you to read this post.

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Human relationships are based on agreements and commitments, despite other things, which are marked by the couple itself or the society, the law, religion, family and whatever institution you do follow, or are expected to follow.

In the first instance if you are not clear on what you are committing to and second, if you are not able to stick to those commitments, why would you accept to carry on with a formal link?

Put on the other’s shoes!

Loyalty is one of those almost never discussed but always expected points in a relationship, and it’s a sensitive aspect of it.

One thing we all know and just say but barely practice, is to put ourselves in the skin of the neighbour; not giving others what we don’t want to receive from them. If we base our actions on that, then for sure we will grow as a humanity. Back…

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“Three Minutes Stretching ON BED, to Stay Active This Quarantine”

My easy 3 minutes wake up stretching routine, ON BED, for these less active days goes like:  1. Three deep breathings filling the abdomen, with an extended exhale every time. 2. Open big your mouth and eyes at same time then close tight, five times. 3. Lying on your back, bring Knee to chest, helping… Continue reading “Three Minutes Stretching ON BED, to Stay Active This Quarantine”

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“Sunlight Exposure: a Must Do During Quarantine”

Vitamin D is essential not only for our bones and skin but for our immune system, which we need properly functioning for protecting us against any attack of viruses like this SARS-CoV-2 causing COVID-19 disease. The movement restrictions should not be an excuse for us to forget about how important it is to take natural… Continue reading “Sunlight Exposure: a Must Do During Quarantine”


Three voices

  "I can't stand my bed anymore!How stupid I was before, wishing that all my days were like Sundays! There is no game, movie or social media that's able to entertain me. I want to go out, I have to go out! I mean, it's my civil right! People die every day and it is… Continue reading Three voices

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Public doubts

    CDCs from many countries recommend that all people wear face masks in public places where it’s difficult to maintain a 6-foot distance from others. This will help slow the spread of the virus from people with cough or other symptoms when going to a healthcare facility (supposing that they follow rheir social responsibility… Continue reading Public doubts

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“Positive is faith”

Positivism is faith. " If you have faith like a mustard seed..." Trust in the positive result of actions, your wishes, your prayers, even if you can't see it. Face the task with enthusiasm, with joy, trusting that you are gonna make it, knowing that you are gonna make it; that puts you one step… Continue reading “Positive is faith”