” From where heartless monsters come.”

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How to creat a careless lover? Were they as a regular person; with feelings and able to think about others once?

See what you are doing now. Just a few days with him and you are saying that you love him?! You are an extremely strong confident woman, older than him, emotionally smarter, but you are being selfish.

For sure you mean that you like him. It must be a deep attraction and a feeling that you want to stay with this particular person too much. It is also a genuine feeling; but, is it love? No!

Love is another thing.

Love is a deep thing!

Loving something means you learned to know it from all its edges and faces, even from the scratches and broken tips. It means that this particular object is involved with your life in a level that it will be difficult( not saying impossible) but…

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“Eating from restaurants or learning basics of cooking?”

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We must recognize that one of the main issues of going to live abroad is to adapt our eating routines.

I mean, humans need to eat; but now we find that we are taking our meals alone, cooking only for ourselves (or in many cases actually cooking for the very first time in our lives as that wasn’t necessary before due to having a wife, a mother, a housekeeper …)

So in many occasions the decision is to start constantly eating from restaurants and putting our health in danger with that choice. Fast-food, hot spices, ways of cooking that are totally stranger to our digestive system, pre-cooked and packaged food, processed or reheated food; are some of the many factors hazard to our health behind this solution.

I have a friend that went thru a very unpleasant experience as he spent more than 2 years eating from restaurants of spicy food…

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Social distance doesn’t mean loneliness.


We are social beings. We need interactions with other humans for our proper bio-psycho-social wellbeing (translation: for our HEALTH).

Isolation is proven to have a heavy negative impact in our mental and then physical status if we don’t work on strategies to keep contact with others. I mean is fun the way we talk to our home appliances sometimes( yeah, don’t deny it, we all do) but that shouldn’t be done routinely(or so shrinks say). So it’s understandable that our first attitude in front of any not self imposed measure that requires us to be isolated will always be of TOTAL REJECTION.


The trigger.

We see it right now during this COVID-19 outbreak. Governments and health authorities had to impose curfews and quarantine and limitation of movement in favour of to flatten the curve of cases, to permit the health institutions to be sufficient for…

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” Love yourself; the rest will come.”

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Smart advice of the day sisters: “If having love issues, never get more sad, get more beautiful instead!!

And I don’t mean only external beauty. I’m talking about  spending that precious new free time on growing yourself and upgrading to your next best version; instead of on increasing your tears or feeding those useless self-pity  feelings.

So you say you give your soul and still not being loved in the way you deserve? Well, don’t just seat there to be miserable! Go to your partner with a resolution: “Lets talk about it, lets work it out, lets see the changes!” Try everything (as soon as don’t involve sacrificing your integrity) because of course we get into relationships hoping it to be for ever after, or at least as long lasting as we can make them be, so we should act in consequence of that.

Having trying it all, breath and…

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Acknowledgment of receipt: “Forgiveness.”

Acknowledgement of receipt: As it is the same inquiry, I invite you to read this post.

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Human relationships are based on agreements and commitments, despite other things, which are marked by the couple itself or the society, the law, religion, family and whatever institution you do follow, or are expected to follow.

In the first instance if you are not clear on what you are committing to and second, if you are not able to stick to those commitments, why would you accept to carry on with a formal link?

Put on the other’s shoes!

Loyalty is one of those almost never discussed but always expected points in a relationship, and it’s a sensitive aspect of it.

One thing we all know and just say but barely practice, is to put ourselves in the skin of the neighbour; not giving others what we don’t want to receive from them. If we base our actions on that, then for sure we will grow as a humanity. Back…

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Eat to live. “Silent protectors: Zinc”

Zinc is a trace mineral that is essential for all species. It is required for the activities and formation of more than 300 enzymes, carbohydrate and energy metabolism, protein synthesis and degradation, nucleic acid production, heme biosynthesis, and carbon dioxide transport. It also plays a critical role in the structure of cell membranes and in… Continue reading Eat to live. “Silent protectors: Zinc”


“The 30s are here: prepare yourself for that promising future you’ve dream about!”

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So you could say you enjoyed the early youth years; no limits, not thinking about tomorrow…

Everybody deserves to live that! No discussion!

But, there’s a point my friends, when we should start taking the first steps to guarantee our future health with a quality of life and to achieve the goal of being useful in the society we live. That point should certainly be: reaching the 30 and plus years old.

Naturally you can feel it: changes in the way of enjoying things, more responsibilities occupying your mind, less energy than before, less power of recovering than before, more need of a good rest, new and unexpected health problems and complaints, more difficulty to lose the gained weight …

Modern world gives us the power to live more, if we know how to use the information available, to take a good care about ourselves. But I tell you it is…

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Inherited Sarcasm

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Oh! kids and their honesty!

Everyone near or related to a child has one or some awkward stories involving him. But is harder when it is starred by your own son, because you find yourself debating between laughing or killing him or eating him, you can not decide; so most of the time, you will end up just kissing him and smiling.

The thing was I have had a huge pregnancy belly that I honestly didn’t do too much to get rid of during the early stages after delivery. So when my baby became 4 years old, I was already on my desirable weight but I found myself in the middle of a struggling to recover my abdomen’s shape (or any shape other than the rounded fluffy mini-ball I used to have by then).

I started a regime of exercises and the first day he saw me, he did a…

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