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My space.

  This is not a Covid-19 post, even if the message is up to our current times. This is about the fact that despite our family situation, marital status, fatherhood, motherhood, leadership or whatever position that we have related to human interactions, we are individual beings. It is healthy to spend some time alone, reflect,… Continue reading My space.

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“Hair do”

She did cut her hair. The new look was amazing, and she was like  hovering around, fullfilings daily tasks with a new smile and a renewed liveliness; careless of the inquisitive looks or the judgemental gestures. Truth is she didn't actually care. That new unapologetic glam was showing the real meaning of not to give… Continue reading “Hair do”

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“The Need of Control and the heavy anchor of External Opinions (Part 2)”

“Everything we hear is an opinion, not a fact. Everything we see is a perspective, not the truth.” — Marcus Aurelius Caring too much about external opinions. What others think of you is their criteria, not your reality. It is insane believing that others opinion should matter enough to lead our actions when, guess what:… Continue reading “The Need of Control and the heavy anchor of External Opinions (Part 2)”

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“The Need of Control and the heavy anchor of the External Opinions (Part 1)”

 "When the delicate balance of self and others perception shifts because we begin seeking approval or attempting to control outcomes, we become externally focused and can literally lose sight of our essential nature". Michael J. Formica for Psychology Today At certain moments in our life we can hear others advising us: 《you have to move… Continue reading “The Need of Control and the heavy anchor of the External Opinions (Part 1)”

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Back to your life; it’s about time!

What matters to you right now? What are you trying to achieve? What is your main objective? The worries of this current moment might be pulling you away from your tasks. It is difficult to stay centred with all these bad news and  life changes, yet not impossible. Step one:  Back to FOCUS on what's… Continue reading Back to your life; it’s about time!

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“Positive is faith”

Positivism is faith. " If you have faith like a mustard seed..." Trust in the positive result of actions, your wishes, your prayers, even if you can't see it. Face the task with enthusiasm, with joy, trusting that you are gonna make it, knowing that you are gonna make it; that puts you one step… Continue reading “Positive is faith”

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Many psychosocial studies state that boredom makes people long for different and purposeful activities, and as a result they turn towards more challenging and meaningful activities, turning towards what they perceive to be really meaningful in life. Bored people feel that their actions are meaningless and so they are motivated to engage in meaningful behavior.… Continue reading Bored?

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Social distance doesn't mean loneliness. We are social beings. We need interactions with other humans for our proper bio-psycho-social wellbeing (translation: for our HEALTH). Isolation is proven to have a heavy negative impact in our mental and then physical status if we don't work on strategies to keep contact with others. I mean is fun… Continue reading “Linked”

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Love yourself: “I love me for me is not a slogan.”

What makes you so sure about the idea that if you don't like yourself fat, you will love yourself when you are thin? Why do you think that if you are unhappy while missing things now, you are gonna be happy when you have them? We all have some forms of self-esteem, whether it is… Continue reading Love yourself: “I love me for me is not a slogan.”

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Life chat: “dealing with the enemy and the upstart.”

It is crucial, for becoming a better and successful person, to focus on doing the right things for you, not on getting others doing badly.  There is no need to step on anybody's head to escalate and get what you want. Life is not a piñata party! You should and you can find your own path without cutting bridges… Continue reading Life chat: “dealing with the enemy and the upstart.”