Acknowledgement of receipt

Words and Actions

Reacting to the article ” Couple’s happiness: your actions matter, also your words,” a sender ended her email writing: ” (…) even if he is loving and caring, I’m not sure that he loves me because he never says so. His actions might be out of kindness or just because we are used to each other and are part of our routines (…).”

Well, I heard once: “take care of what you love because you can’t hug a memory.” I think this is one of the best phrases for us to picture the importance of giving proper value to what we have and to our significant others, but mainly to act in consequence.

We tend to take things for granted, and we forget that having a small detail is as important as speaking our feelings out loud.

Yes, we adore significant gestures and actions; that’s why we say and feel that expressing our love takes more than words, but assuming that our beloved ones are certain of our feelings just because we act in consequence is also one of our biggest mistakes.

We can’t allow trending slogans like “actions speak louder than words” to fool us. Humans are creatures of words. We love hearing even what we already know. Words are for our confirmation and affirmation. Words have a significant impact on our brains and those who listen, even in a subconscious way. Negative and positive verbal expressions can awake different biochemical and electrical answers in our brains. What you say or don’t say to others matters.

So I guess that when the case is about feelings, we need to balance what we say and do, being our acts in correspondence with our words and vice-versa. Otherwise, you obtain empty phrases or, like in the case of this letter I received, actions that pass unnoticed or become meaningless.


Art from:

Couple Talking – Jean Leon Gerome – Art Prints

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