” From where heartless monsters come.”

Doc's Diary

How to creat a careless lover? Were they as a regular person; with feelings and able to think about others once?

See what you are doing now. Just a few days with him and you are saying that you love him?! You are an extremely strong confident woman, older than him, emotionally smarter, but you are being selfish.

For sure you mean that you like him. It must be a deep attraction and a feeling that you want to stay with this particular person too much. It is also a genuine feeling; but, is it love? No!

Love is another thing.

Love is a deep thing!

Loving something means you learned to know it from all its edges and faces, even from the scratches and broken tips. It means that this particular object is involved with your life in a level that it will be difficult( not saying impossible) but…

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