“Eating from restaurants or learning basics of cooking?”

Doc's Diary

We must recognize that one of the main issues of going to live abroad is to adapt our eating routines.

I mean, humans need to eat; but now we find that we are taking our meals alone, cooking only for ourselves (or in many cases actually cooking for the very first time in our lives as that wasn’t necessary before due to having a wife, a mother, a housekeeper …)

So in many occasions the decision is to start constantly eating from restaurants and putting our health in danger with that choice. Fast-food, hot spices, ways of cooking that are totally stranger to our digestive system, pre-cooked and packaged food, processed or reheated food; are some of the many factors hazard to our health behind this solution.

I have a friend that went thru a very unpleasant experience as he spent more than 2 years eating from restaurants of spicy food…

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