Doc's Diary

Social distance doesn’t mean loneliness.


We are social beings. We need interactions with other humans for our proper bio-psycho-social wellbeing (translation: for our HEALTH).

Isolation is proven to have a heavy negative impact in our mental and then physical status if we don’t work on strategies to keep contact with others. I mean is fun the way we talk to our home appliances sometimes( yeah, don’t deny it, we all do) but that shouldn’t be done routinely(or so shrinks say). So it’s understandable that our first attitude in front of any not self imposed measure that requires us to be isolated will always be of TOTAL REJECTION.


The trigger.

We see it right now during this COVID-19 outbreak. Governments and health authorities had to impose curfews and quarantine and limitation of movement in favour of to flatten the curve of cases, to permit the health institutions to be sufficient for…

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