Acknowledgment of receipt: “Forgiveness.”

Acknowledgement of receipt: As it is the same inquiry, I invite you to read this post.

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Human relationships are based on agreements and commitments, despite other things, which are marked by the couple itself or the society, the law, religion, family and whatever institution you do follow, or are expected to follow.

In the first instance if you are not clear on what you are committing to and second, if you are not able to stick to those commitments, why would you accept to carry on with a formal link?

Put on the other’s shoes!

Loyalty is one of those almost never discussed but always expected points in a relationship, and it’s a sensitive aspect of it.

One thing we all know and just say but barely practice, is to put ourselves in the skin of the neighbour; not giving others what we don’t want to receive from them. If we base our actions on that, then for sure we will grow as a humanity. Back…

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