Acknowledgement of receipt

Acknowledgment of Receipt: ”Fast and Easy Weight Loss.”

Let’s face it: there is no such thing like the one stated in the title!

The starting point to succeed in any weight control or reduction or maintenance program, is to acknowledge that this is a process and a lifestyle that we should embrace for good; magic fast answers are proven to be sooner or later a scam or in the best cases something ephemeral. Even after surgery if you don’t set your mind into those step by step changes, everything will get shortly ruined.

Focus on the weight control, not only the weight loss.

The most effective weight loss plans are those directed to improve your metabolism, reduce your appetite and calories intake per se, and keeping you losing weight until your desired point, gradually, without killing you of hunger. These kind of schemes will make you see results, but all in a progressive scale while you readapt your habits to the new healthy nutritional model.

What should we do?

Radically remove sugar, you don’t need to consume it directly because your body can obtain glucose from processing carbohydrates and some veggies as potatoes, even from fruits. Also try to diminish your carbs intake. Simply explained: if you consume sugar and carbs your body will try to burn them, as an easy available way to get energy for functioning;  but if you don’t, then there is no other remedy than to start using the stored fat, and its reduction begins!

Without going deep into the metabolic process, we can say that cutting carbs leads to a lowering in the insulin levels; kidneys respond to this sending the excess of sodium and water out of your body, there is loss of water weight and less bloat and swollen leading to more weight lose. The recommended range of carbs it is been estimated between 10- 50 grams/ day depending in your BMI and other factors. There is a rang like this for every nutritional group, what leads us to another and not less important point: personalized diets are always the more healthy and effective solution.

Many scientific researches have been demonstrating recently that low carbs and no sugar diets are better because you can actually eat and feel satisfy, not like the fat restricting schemes that get you starving. with the first models there is a significative lowering of calories with less amount of cutting.

Protein, fats, and vegetables are important to you, unless there is a medical prohibition the intake must continue because they preserve your well functioning metabolism and immunity.

Learning which food is more healthy within every group is a must. There are low carbs and high carbs, good and bad fats, high and low sugar content fruits,m; so , as i said before, this learning is part of the process of life changing that will lead to a per- life weight control. 


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