Acknowledgement of receipt

Acknowledgment of receipt: Vegetarians, vegans and us the “whatever-eaters”. Who is right or wrong?


Opened my inbox to find an offensive aggressive email criticising, and attacking,  my oftentime-used recommendation of a balanced diet, including all kind of nutrients; so right there I started this answer, as  a way to step against intolerance but mainly because I found it a nice topic to chat about.

Why do I recommend this nutritional scheme?

Well, answering more from the personal perspective and from life and profesional experience my first statement would be: Human being is by nature omnivorous. Since the beginning of times we are. If it was based on the fact that we had to eat whatever we could find in the nature to survive, or based on religious statements; that’s another discussion. The thing is that for our survival we are suppose to eat each and every single nutrient that exist on earth. It is proven that our  metabolism, our immune system and our life, all, depend on it.

Now, people trying on a vegetarian diet are reported since B.C. times,  more precisely between the years 700 and 600 B.C. Most of the time based on particular concepts (ethics, religions and beliefs, likes, health issues, anarchy, fashion, more recently environmentalism…); but almost always coming from individual interpretations of someone, who decided to spread his way of living, creating a community just because we are not meant to be alone, it’s in our nature to be social, finding someone else to be a follower of our cause.

Are they wrong? Are we “meat-and-whatever-we-can-grab” eaters right?

Well, one thing is what we know, and the other one is what we decide to do with our life. Smoking is bad but many people do it. Junk food is killing us and we keep grabbing that burger. Doing exercise is great but lots of persons refuse to practice it. So it is a matter of preference.

It’s even beautiful the way they vegetarians have principles, an ethic to follow… it’s a personal selection to stop getting animal protein and to start getting supplement pills from time to time instead. Their life, they shouldn’t be judged but also not judge others.

International Societies of Nutrition and Dietetics agree with this practice as long as the diet is well planned and they consume supplements according to their needs; otherwise their physical and mental health will be compromised. Not different from what we omnivorous should do: a well planned balanced diet to be healthy.

There are many groups practicing vegetarianism.  Lacto-ovo vegetarians, lacto-vegetarians, ovo-vegetarians, and then you have new groups like the pescatarians who eat fish and even flexitarians (only vegetarians during periods, like a part-time thing). The Vegans, let’s say that they are the extreme of the vegetarian movement and despite of their peace and love beliefs, some of them tent to be a bit more aggressive  with those who live nutrition in a different way, like the one who I am answering to in this acknowledgment of receipt text. Maybe because society criticize them too much too, or just because they want, or just some of them are like this when they feel hungry (( sometimes I am aggressive when i feel hungry too …))

Anyways… no need to give more detail or starting a crusade against the emisor in defense of my point of view, because I honestly think that there is no wrong or right in this matter. All tendencies have similar pros and cons so it is, I repeat, a decision. Whatever you do it has to be in a healthy way and, I aprove, in balance with nature.

Am I agree with the modern ways of harvesting or over feeding animals and all this agro- genetic thing? No, I am not!   Do I agree with to continue recommending eating from every nutrient group, despite of it? Definitely yes!

I wish we could find a way to get back to a sustainable system and save us from what’s been called the 6th extinction this time caused by our own specie.

This writer is not up to support the criticism or discrimination against anybody, not even based on the way that people decided to live their nutrition; but also considers that every group should respect others opinion. Tolerance is a must in our current times.


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