Life chat

Life chat: The old “three-pointed” circle.


He said to you that there was a small possibility, a small window that could have taken both of you to a life together.
My dear, The Man has his life and he is just having extra fun outside of it as a way to scape from the suffocation of daily routine and a lifetime of obligations. In case he did ever consider it, that small window always closes soon! None risks what is certain for an adventure. Or at least most of the people doesn’t. As soon as the time to make the decision comes, they will return to mainland.
That’s life!
I am not denying or minimizing what He could have felt, but there are always many things more heavy than the pursuit of our happiness in the scale of life.
So we give up most of the time. In the name of the safety of others, or for comfort, or due to fear to the change.
Comfort zone, fear to the change, sacrificing our happiness for the safety of others, insecurity about what we are at about to discover … call it as you like. That small window of opportunity is almost never enough to let us escape thru it.
Whoever is gonna make the huge decision of leaving a home that is already builded, for sure is gonna do it without hesitating, fastly, suddenly, no thinking, no prior notice, since first moment; because that person has no doubt.
Those having doubts, at least the minimal, will for sure never do it.
Men almost always back to what is safe zone: their wife and family.
So avoid yourself the pain. If you can’t handle being in the last place and not being a priority, just let it go. Love yourself more!



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