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“Mental health: as important as your physical wellness”

One in four people in the world will be affected by mental or neurological disorders at some point in their lives. Around 450 million people currently suffer from such conditions, placing mental disorders among the leading causes of ill-health and disability worldwide.


Nearly two-thirds of people with a known mental disorder never seek help from a health professional. Stigma, discrimination, misinformation, lack of policies, and neglect prevent care and treatment from reaching people with mental disorders. So depression, anxiety, addictions, mood disorders, learning disorders, common and other kinds of dementia like Alzheimer have been rising their numbers, and the problem is extensive to children and adolescents too…

It’s not me saying this. That’s the most recent report of the World Health Organization, from last October 2018.

You may think that statistics are always alarming if you read them coldly but, one in four! It makes me recall all the times I went to my kitchen only to stare at the fridge trying to figure why I was there out.

So if medical systems are not helping enough, neither government policies are, how can we start caring about our mental health before reaching the level of needing pills and treatments? Do we have the tools?

Of course, we do! Even tho there are things that we can not avoid, like our genetic information, there are plenty of healthy practices we should start implementing in favour of our brain and psyche and emotional improvement. The goal is to reach that state of absence of mental disorder and presence of well-being.

  • Value, respect, and treat yourself good. Self-esteem, people call it. Only a sentence: Love yourself!
  • Surround only of valuable people. Apart from the toxic ones. One thing is dealing with everybody in a social environment, and another will be bringing anybody to your personal life. Be selective about with whom you hang out because bad energies spread as same as good vibes.
  • Do things for you but also others. Giving feels good!
  • Set realistic goals but never stop dreaming. Growing is great, and it can’t exist without pushing you to achieve more, whatever the life aspect you want to mention.
  • Skip the routines and be spontaneous from time to time. That spark of energy will get you out of the numbness.
  • Stay apart from drugs, even the legal ones. About medical therapies: go natural as much as you can. For example, I know we are often in a hurry, but warm fluids and soup will do better for you during a flu episode than all those antihistamines. Avoid self-medication.
  • Always a healthy lifestyle: taking care of yourself as physically as aesthetically speaking can improve your mental health. Eat nutritious food. Avoid smoking. Practice sports and exercises. Drink enough water and sleep well and at adequate times. Get hobbies. Go for healthy recreative options of your preference. Rest from work with a proper frequency.
  • Do not forget the biological component. Protect your brain. Practice mental exercises, try to memorise something from time to time, like a poem or a song. Care about your physical health and check your blood pressure, cholesterol and blood sugar levels and all your general state at least annually.
  • Seek help if you feel stress or depressing or unable to make a decision or to move on, do not underestimate the power of a conversation; others might see things better from outside. There’s a solution or at least a relief for everything except definitive death.
  • Stress is real: learn to deal with it! Take advantage of the knowledge of a frustrating or failure situation. Relax, meditate, talk to the real inner you, empty your mind from time to time. You are going to feel somewhat weird and laugh about yourself initially, but the results are amazing.
  • There’s no shame in talking with a mental health professional if you notice that things are not okay. Therapists will never judge you; neither will your beloved ones who care about you. The judging ones are a “no need in my life” thing.


Art from:

‘A nest for a dream.’ From “Abstract Peaces,” 2016. TSOKU MAELA.

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