Acknowledgement of receipt

“Acknowledgement of receipt: Beginnings of a ‘must-try’ smoking cessation plan”

Tired of those empty attempts to quit smoking?

Do you know for real how strong or weak  your will is?

Did you get enough from burnt clothes and smelly hands or even morning cough and shortness of breath?

Spending too much in dental hygiene?

Well, take a look at this. It is not a miraculous answer or a magic powder. I’m gonna show you the basis of a well-studied therapy but of course involves too much of your determination. After been studying to answer your inquiry, I did select this orientation plan because it is very similar to what we professionals do to help our patients.


The starting line is: DECIDING TO QUIT SMOKING!

So if you are not  convinced strongly enough  to fight your addiction or you are not decided to quit smoking, it won’t work. It is a process where you will first get ready to pass this stage of saying “”yes I want but I’m not sure if I can, and also I like it and I enjoy it”” ; then you will  quit smoking and face the withdrawals of tobacco, to finally work hard to avoid going back to the same or worst situation.

“The good news about smoking is that it doesn’t matter how much you’ve smoked, or how long you have smoked. If you quit now, your body will begin to repair itself and will take care of you even after years of neglect”, a very good article states. Sometimes there are of course irreversible damages or more complicated situations but, in that case, for treating your condition, will be also a big help definitely quit smoking.


Step 1: do not underestimate yourself! It is well-known that pushing us to the limit we can obtain incredible and unexpected results. You can do it! Erase the I can’t stop smoking tattooed in your mind. If you tried before and you did fail, now you know how to do it better. The easiest way is getting motivation. Focus on the reasons why YOU wanna stop smoking and how these reasons are important for YOU, instead of thinking about the justifications that you have for doing it. Yes, YOU are the centre of this procedure. YOU can think about family and friends, that’s nice but the main factor must be YOU!

Step 2: recognize, admit that your problem requires help. It seems to be contradictory after what we say before, but it is not. Smoking is an addiction. There are chemical and hormonal changes in your brain and blood and whole body related to that and you can do nothing about it but; could this affect the duration of the process or the symptoms you are gonna have to fight?: Yes! Can this stop your determination?: No!

Step 3: Seek for help. Do not deceive yourself saying I can stop whenever, because yes you can but it won’t last and it will be more painful. As any addiction you must detoxify yourself first, it is a hard period when anxiety and stress will get over you. My friend, none can pass this period without the adequate and preferably professional support.

Step 4: study your patterns. You need to recognize which are the triggers that make you smoke more, how are your routines that involve smoking as a factor of pleasure or relax because those are your high risk times; in what moments do you stop smoking without even notice it because your mind finds that you are ok or busy or relax and you don’t need it at that time…

Step 5:  equip with “pacifiers”. Anything that help you replace the oral sensation and the hand reflex of smoking, will help you. Sugar-free gum, raw vegetables, seeds and nuts, pen and plastic stick…those will be ok. Electronic cigarettes are NOT RECOMMENDED.

Step 6: talk with your doctor about nicotine replacements like patches and chewing gums and about smoking cessation medication. The physician will tell you when is the moment to start using it, that must be near to the date you pick to stop smoking. Also talk about the signs and symptoms of nicotine detoxifying process and how they will probably develop so you know what to expect. Learning any stress management and relaxation therapy will be a huge help and will mark a difference.

Step 7: pick a date to quit smoking. Inform your friends and relatives that you are in a smoking cessation process so they help you. Give yourself enough time to check all the steps above mentioned and to study about your upcoming path so you prepare yourself for that day.

Step 8: the day before, call friends or relatives if you decide to involve them,  to help you get rid of all the reminders like cigarettes, lighters, ashtrays…

The strategy main point is that the day you picked, you will totally stop smoking. No half cigarette strategy, no cut in the amount, no other thing but to stop definitely.

As the first 2 weeks will be the worst, try to find a distraction, stay busy, make any change in your routines, meditate, talk to yourself to print in your brain the idea that you can because you are strong and you are a fighter that decided to live better without depending on a damaging object for functioning well. Practice to be assertive by saying: ” No thanks, I don’t smoke anymore”, “No, I did choose to stop being a smoker”.

Stay away from smokers during those days, avoid places that could wake your craving for smoking. If you pass those 15 days, you can say you almost made it. Once you pass this chemical cleansing stages, it will be more easy for you to stay in contact with persons and situations that before would certainly make you light on a cigarette.

It’s a worthy plan. Think about it. You did accept to eat better, to do exercise, to learn new things. Why not to stop smoking if you know that this is the common denominator for the majority of your physical problems?

For health. For fitness. For economy. For proving you are not weak. To set you really free. When will you start?




Refer to this article for more info, I found it very descriptive but simple to understand and is very related to the common therapeutic programs for smoking cessation :


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