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“Weight maintenance: excess is bad, same is the defect”

Obesity have been one of the main health problems since the end of last  millennium.

Alarmed by the overload of information and advertisements spread on every media, we have developed a fitness fever all over the globe.

But sometimes the actions taken are, first, based on not strong reasons and in second place are taken with no proper supervision and with not a right plan of action. Wanting to get immediate results, individuals start any plan that leads several times to a fast weight lose that is easily regained, and in worst cases, to a deprivation of essential nutrients that end up in a malnutrition by default and believe me, it is very hard to recover from it and from the consequent health damage.

To be malnourished is not always  the same as being underweight, in fact the first one has more to do with a deficit or excess of one or several nutrients (vitamins, proteins, minerals, healthy fats…); but most of the time both conditions are concomitants.

There is something called ideal weight, based on your age, biological gender and height. To go below that may result in real complications; beyond the disharmonious appearance that makes us gaining from others the typical comment ” you’ve lost too many pounds, you look sick”.

And it’s not that simple; setting this ideal weight as a goal for you, might depend also on your health condition, or current situation. Let’s say we have two women, same age, same height, healthy, but one of them is trying to get pregnant; nutritionists will consider this aspect important because this last woman is gonna need to keep all the proteins, vitamines and every substance in the highest normal levels because right after she get pregnant it will start the transference of nutrients to the baby and will remain less for her, so the reserves, as same as her weight, shouldn’t be in the lowest limit nor actually low.

There are real risks associated with being underweight or having poor nutrition such as: vitamin deficiencies or anemia,  osteoporosis ,  too little vitamin D and calcium, decreased immune function, increased risk for complications from surgery, fertility issues caused by irregular menstrual cycles, growth and development issues, especially in children and teenagers. These leads to feeling tired or drained of energy, getting sick often or having trouble fighting off illness, experiencing hair thinning or loss, dry skin, or teeth issues…

Balance is the solution:screenshot_20181027-012651_chrome1282868483346841513.jpg

The key for achieving and maintaining a healthy weight isn’t about short-term dietary changes but about a lifestyle that includes healthy eating, regular physical activity, and balancing these with the number of calories you consume vs the number of calories your body uses. This is an investment for your future. Aging with a healthy body as a base, is a guarantee.

So yes, fighting obesity and achieving an ideal weight is perfect, but to reach this point is not worthy to skip a healthy and complete nutrition replacing it for magic express formulas which results will not endure.  Doing that, we will change the overweight epidemic for a similarly bad  problem that would be a reemerged generalized vitamines and nutrients deficiencies and its consequences for our mental, emotional and physical health; plus the social repercussion of living in a predominantly sick society.


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