Life chat

Life chat: “Feelings make us human.”

He was told he should always be strong!

Strong, so that no trace of weakness is shown.

Strong, to help the others depending on him to keep standing and moving forward.

Strong, to prove to himself that he is able to defeat his own fears…

As a result people could say he did succeed; but by now, he just says he’s tired and lonely.


Alone, because he never allowed himself to say “stay, I need you”. He was not able to forgive that minimum error, that action that for him was meaningless, but those surrounding him will think he was soft if he accept and forget. He was not capable to express his love even when he felt it; “there is no time for stupid cheesy things” they would say.

Yes, he is tired and with this eternal sadness in the deep of his soul for not crying in the moment he was needing to do it, because that wasn’t a manly attitude.

Feelings make us human. Even our fears or our weaknesses.


It is better to disappoint others for a while, than acting like someone who you are not; it would be worst to betray your dreams and aspirations. In the end those who truly love you will stay and accept you. The others, will never matter.

Express whatever is inside of you! Do not repress yourself! Don’t tie your neck with the lace of what society or friends or relatives expect from you! All might finish in a blink, it’s the truth , it’s not just saying. It is your life, they have their own one.

Don’t feed your inner sadness!

One life.

Don’t realize of that when is too late.

Only One Life.


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