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“Recipe to health”

My aversion to pills ( yes, I dislike them even though I’m a doctor) and my love for naturalistic tendency as a way to treat many health problems took me into research to find a way for preventing myself from increasing the health problems I have to deal with, at a personal level.

Those are minor isolated problems, but, as any little thing, in addition, it might feel like an actual sickness. Since I was a baby, I can’t move stools daily, not even if I try it (there is a high psychological component, but it’s a real disorder). I had kidney stones since age 18; gastritis is a family issue I’m living with since early adolescence; also, premenstrual and during period symptoms and recurrent pelvic congestion are a thing I deal with every month, even after I had my baby.

So, tired of pain killers and laxatives and conventional therapies that ended up in other complications or usually helped with one issue and increased the other, I dedicated myself to find an answer in nature. Read about herbs, condiments, minerals …; tried many home remedies from countries I have been to or not around the globe. It was interesting how ancient therapies were common to many different and very distanced cultures. That proved to me how we are more connected as humanity than we regularly think.

Please understand that your body does not need a special detox diet or beverage because it is developed to detoxify itself. What we can do is to find something that keeps our liver, kidneys, gut and skin properly working, and those will do the job by themselves. Any extreme regimen that includes prolonged deprivation of any, or worst, of every nutrient is very dangerous. 

Also, fat burning is a process more complex than just eating a magic pill, and complete mechanical cleansings should not become a habit because constantly stressing your colon is a bad idea.

After trial-error research ( and many pukes in between until I did succeed ), the result was an infusion that might be considered a detox-friendly tea with “fat-burning” and “colon cleansing” properties.

Amazingly, since the first week, I found myself moving stools on alternate days instead of the five or more days period that I painfully used to do it. There was a change, as an evident diuretic effect (increased volume and frequency of urination) and expulsion of like-sand substances in the first weeks, so that water was cleaning my kidneys and urinary tract.

Previous to my period, I can’t say that disappeared the pain or other signs, but my lower abdomen was looking more flat, and yes, there was less pain. The bleeding was normal since the second day, not many days with spots which means that there was less inflammation or less congestion.

After the first month of regularly drinking this beverage, I was feeling more energetic and able to do some exercise as there was not recurrent heartburn, my appetite was better, so I started eating more within the normal and without an excessive increase of weight as my digestions improved. All these kept my fat tissues controlled.

There was no adverse reaction for me, so it was a suitable therapy in my particular case that I can strongly recommend today except for those who has an allergy to any of the components or for people with health conditions where those are contraindications. But good news: you can eliminate any ingredients (except the water, of course) and obtain almost the same results!


1 1/2 Liters boiling water

1 cube of 2 cm fresh ginger grated or sliced

1 cube of 1 cm fresh turmeric root sliced

A handful of mint

1 piece cinnamon stick or 1 teaspoon cinnamon powder

1 soup spoon honey

1 lemon divided  in quarters

First, settle all ingredients previously cleaned and processed as described in a 2 Liters pot and add the boiling water. Leave till cool or overnight, then filter. Drink 1L of the preparation daily at the temperature you decide, as it is suitable cold, reheated in a pot or microwaved.

Some of the benefits of this remedy:

Ginger: helps with skin diseases, menstrual problems and pelvic inflammation; lows cholesterol levels; cleans liver and kidneys; relieves stomach and guts symptoms like pain, nausea, vomiting, constipation. It might low your Blood Pressure and sugar levels, so you must not take it in excess if you have medication for these diseases. Together, it may reduce too much the levels of blood sugar and blood pressure generating complications; consult your doctor on that. Do not take during pregnancy, breastfeeding if you have blood problems or coagulation disorders or previous to any surgery.

Turmeric: same as ginger, with some precautions, but also turmeric can make gallbladder problems worse. Do not use turmeric if you have gallstones, a bile duct obstruction or Gastroesophageal reflux. Also, use with precaution if you are a man currently wanting to have babies, as in excess, these roots might reduce fertility temporary.

Mint: relaxing and relieve headache; for treating skin problems; relief of menstrual disorders and gastric pain; reduce signs of Irritable Bowel Syndrome( colon disease). Do not use it during pregnancy and breastfeeding or if you suffer from Gastroesophageal reflux. Consult your doctor to consume it together with treatment for Diabetes because it may have the same effect reducing blood sugar.

Cinnamon: Menstrual problems, nausea, vomiting, high blood sugar, constipation, lowering blood sugar, fat burner, skin disorders, pelvic inflammation… But avoid it during pregnancy, breastfeeding, previous to surgery or if you have any Liver disease.

Honey: cleans your body and improves your defences against diseases, expectorant, relief of gastrointestinal symptoms, skin problems, diuretic, fat burner. Precaution if allergy.

Lemon: to treat kidney stones, diuretic, antioxidant and improve body defence, treat respiratory problems… the contraindication is also allergy.

It is safe to drink this infusion for about eight weeks, then stop for two months and back to drink it if you feel that you need it. It is intended for people older than 12 years old. The main contraindications for all the ingredients are to drink it excessively and allergies. The concentration of the components in this preparation is way lower than the maximum doses, so it’s generally within the safe range, but always tell your doctor before taking medication or remedy, more if you have any particular health condition. Pregnancy and breastfeeding are special situations requiring consultation for taking any drug or even natural treatment.

It is not magic, but it is generally harmless; combined with a healthy lifestyle, it results to be a beneficial tool for weight loss and to improve your health status.


This article contains a suggestion based on known and studied properties of the infusion components and the author’s criteria. Always ask your doctor before taking any drug or natural remedy. 

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