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“Doc, again with the magic answer?”

You might be thinking all doctors are crazy.

That could be fair, based on the many times you went to a clinic and they told you the same unbelievable thing, sometimes not even giving you any medication. “This doctor sucks!”, you surely thought.

As soon as you got pregnant you were advice that the water intake must be superior to 2 Liters daily. On that occasion you had flu and fever, he said you should drink water. When you spent 3 days not going to bathroom to do your number 1 and 2 properly: “Sir, you must drink more water!”. Same during that week of your persistent headache after the 15 days summer holidays. Also when you had stomach ache, and when you started training and got muscles pain and cramps; even during that episode of blurred vision without explanation: “Increase your fluids intake, specially water!”.

Tired of hearing this, you went back home, started watching television forgetting that the Doc did advice to rest your sight, then in the movie, the giant bear cut the guy’s belly and guts were out and blood, and screams, and the rescue team arrived in that helicopter and only thing you watch them do is to pass a watery infusion thru 2 veins and cover his guts with compresses soaked in WATER!!! Amazing! It’s like a conspiracy!

For sure some of you will think it’s hilarious. I mean, having the same recommendation for like… EVERYTHING?! Seriously?!

The fact is, my friends, that we are not out of our mind. Well, not regarding this matter at least. I’m sure I don’t have to remind you that our body is up to 60% water, more in infants and women, so for we properly functioning or to be energetic,  keeping our volume of this fluids within the correct rang is a must.

There’s no healthy life style without the proper water intake. That’s the first advice every serious physician, trainer, dietician or fitness guru will give you. If you drink it before meals for sure your digestion will improve, and your system will process every nutrient better; as a bonus, you will eat less due to the filling sensation that the drink provides.

We do the job of detoxing our body mainly throughout sweat, urine and bowels movements. By drinking few liquids  you interfere with those processes as you send the wrong message to your brain, interpreted like “do not waste water putting the trash out because we are low in fluids to keep the main organs functioning”. The brain reads that and responds consequently, then you are asking why are you getting that sick, why do you have persistent headache and doctors find nothing wrong; easy: you are full of chemicals and organic waste my friend!

Without our kidneys functioning correctly, there’s not body detoxifying, also no health. Protect your kidneys, do not make them work the double of hard because of your persistent low water intake. Even tho, prevent them of the formation of stones, clearing them of sodium, urea and many garbage substances, just by taking fluids and not retaining urine more than 3-4 hours.

If it’s about exercising, there is a loss of water by sweating and breathing and using it to make your body moves. Besides, you need energy and water can help, as you should have muscles in proper conditions, not dehydrated and fatigued. Dehydration makes you exhausted, bad mood and reduce your level of action. That goes for a mental activity too; the numbness and laziness that it provokes, will reduce your  performance and productivity. Even if u are not thirsty the body feels those effects before, so the advice is an early intake which means not to drink just before exercise, but keeping yourself properly hydrated always.

We minimize the power of this liquid. For example, I am sure that your skin is important for you, socially it is. Based on that, humans spend a lot of time and money taking care of it with creams, lotions, oils, cosmetics and medicines. Sadly most of the people minimize the importance of water to keep our skin with the  moisturize  young healthy appearance that we love to have.

I am definitely not encouraging you to walk out with a tank in your back. In fact, you can drink it directly but also you obtain it from food and juices and other beverages. Truly I agree with the fact that it is more healthy and safe to drink water. Artificial drinks add calories, mainly empty unhealthy calories of sugar, preservatives, colorants, caffeine and others to your diet, so if the question here is choosing the healthier style increase your water intake, drink natural juices and herbal tea and eat food with high water content, like many fruits, roots and vegetables.

If it results difficult and boring for you to drink water, develop a habit by using mobile tracker applications or setting alarms and reminders initially. Use marked bottles. Set a daily goal thru hours. If you hate plain water, learn to prepare tasty infused waters as learning new things is always fun, you can prepare it even with sparkling water, which is proven to not affect your health too.

Drink it before you eat, even if you are dining out, so you will eat less, help your digestion and contribute to your total daily intake. Push you to combined drinking; example if you are a coffee lover, make yourself drink water after that coffee, so combining it with your little “vices”, like this one or the glass of wine or beer after meals, you assure yourself of reaching the goal and cut the craving for more of your “guilty drink”.

Rise your body defences and be more healthy! Water: oxygenates and removes toxins from the blood, Increases Lymph production (substance of our immune system or defence), Cleans eyes, Cleans mouth, Moisturizes your skin, Helps digest food, Helps fight insomnia, Lubricates joints, Increases Serotonin Production ( an important element to fight depression).

All that is proven but we as humans, love to complicate all; so when the answer to our problem is simple, non costly and generally accessible, we consider it a not worthy thing to do.

But if you know the benefits why not to give it a try? Adding this habit to your healthy life style project will cost you nothing! Start from now! I mean worst things we do following the advice on internet! Mark the date and see the results after one month. If there’s no change, back to your regular low intake, but be honest to yourself doing your comparisons! I bet after watching your improving, you will not quite on. For sure you will end up doing what your crazy doctors always recommended: DRINKING MORE WATER!!



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