Inherited Sarcasm

Oh! kids and their honesty!

Everyone near or related to a child has one or some awkward stories involving him. But is harder when it is starred by your own son, because you find yourself debating between laughing or killing him or eating him, you can not decide; so most of the time, you will end up just kissing him and smiling.

The thing was I have had a huge pregnancy belly that I honestly didn’t do too much to get rid of during the early stages after delivery. So when my baby became 4 years old, I was already on my desirable weight but I found myself in the middle of a struggling to recover my abdomen’s shape (or any shape other than the rounded fluffy mini-ball I used to have by then).

I started a regime of exercises and the first day he saw me, he did a lot of questions about why was I doing that, what else should I do to achieve my goals, and a whole interrogating session till he got satisfied with the answers( or motivated to do something else, which is the most frequent reason why kids stop their questioning rolls.)

Every people who knows him can tell he is a very smart and analytic kid with a prodigious memory. Yeah! I know all parents say so, but in this case Im not the only souce; he have had been tested and all. Anyway, after at about 2 weeks that from the beginning of my working out, we were having a family lunch. My brother mocking on me as he was eating a full tasty Cuban typicall meal and me, only the “grass”, as he calls the salads, and grilled meat; making jokes about gym, basically making me his clown.

Suddenly my son asked me to show him my abdomen. After putting his “I’m deeply reflecting on this” face, and pointing one emphasising finger on me (yes, he always do that when he’s dropping a serious statement or questioning you ), he said: -” You know what mom, you should forget about it.” I said- “Why is that, don’t you think I can make it?”- And he was like -“Well mom, you can just close your eyes and not look at it, like when we play to disappear, close your eyes to erase your fat belly too .” My dad, God keep him by his side, laughing almost chokes with a drink of water. Me, inquisitive – “But honey, I guess exercises are working, I can see it’s smaller abdomen, don’t you think, don’t you Angel?”. He looked at me once more, came and put a warm hand on my face with too much love, pinched my cheek with his tiny lovely fingers and heartlessly said “Mom, my queen, I love you my  little fatty!”

My mother died laughing! Was he trully trying to tell me that all the working out and healthy eating was useless for me, for real?! My brother, well, you guys know how younger brothers are ; it’s been many months since then, that belly has gone; but he still reminds me, from time to time, of the day that his nephew, my son, my own blood, my genes, the reason I currently breath for, with his short age; did dare to indirectly call me “an irremediably fat woman” and I could not do anything but hugging him and say: “I love you too my little evil creation, I love you too!”.


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