“The two towers dilemma”.

I was having a very ”slow mind” day.

But let’s be honest, He was a well educated professor, very talkative, charming, extroverted, seemed to be open minded. How would I think…? wait, it happens. You will see.

It was on my third week as a family practitioner, in my office; I was not still graduated. In my home country we used to do that in our last year of medical school. They give you a medical office, with an assigned amount of families to provide health attention, and a tutor for the cases you have doubts and to supervise your job and study.

That day He arrived looking for Dr.** my tutor but I was casually alone. The nurse, after giving him millions of references of how I was very capable and exalting my profesionalism, told him that it was the same talking to me, he could tell me his problem.

He denied having another medical complaint than the request of some anti allergic pills he used to take, but started to talk about trivial things after receiving the prescription, not seemed with any disposition to leave. Hmmm! Ok. I requested from my nurse any impossible thing to find from an unexisting location. That meant ”go cause this patient wanna talk” so she understood and left the room.

I had and still maintain the habit of keeping the patient’s chair close to me. As I think, that gives more comfort to them and sensation of approaching and of being listened. So He just moved that chair a few centimeters away. Hmm! I should imagine, but, did I say I was having a dumb’s day already?

The professor remained talking and jumped into a weird story of a camping by the beach, and his divorce, and his girlfriends, and the beauty of the nature. Total that I was lost and honestly not interested too much, so just gave him a half smile and some head movements of approval from time to time, till he jumped into the thing ”…cause since that weekend I am not ok. Is like when you have had always an Eiffel tower in your life, and suddenly you wake up to have a Pisa tower.”

My face of total confusion! Do not judge me guys. Give me some credits; yes I was not in my smartest morning but the man was not even giving a sign of what or where was the problem. I got lost in that architecture conversation. ” …yes doc, imagine how I feel. I wanna be Eiffel again.” Not a clue friends! So this little person writing here had to say ”would you please be direct, what is the problem? ” He got a total carmine red face contrasting with hyperbrilliant blue eyes almost in tears of embarrassment ’cause I let him no other choice but saying ” I want my straight standing back” but this time looking into the area of the problem.

Oh!, help me Hippocrates! That was the thing!; poor guy so embarrassed of telling his problem to a very young female doctor that was incapable to understand a simple metaphor!! Now I was flushing but thanks God for my black skin he didn’t noticed it. And that stertorous laughing of mine wanting to come out made me get up for a second, giving an excuse to go pretending to take some papers I was needing, in a position where he couldn’t see my face while breathing deeply, to try to stop laughing from inside. Not because of his problem, but because of my stupidity and also the funny comparison of the two towers picturing inside my mind.

From there of course I knew what to do. Starting by explaining to him that this is very common thing , no reason to be ashamed to talk about or calling the things by its name when talking to a professional.

What an imaginative way to describe a loss of capability of full erection!

At the end of the consultation we were both laughing about it.

And yes, we , not only me, but a team of specialist were able to help him cause luckily in this case it was just due to his increased smoking habit and other bad lifestyle changes he made.

So yes he was able to recover his ”straight imponent Eiffel tower”. At least that’s how he described it guys; of course I never did personally get to see it.

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