The Journey Begins: “wealldoctors.com”

“… Doc I have *xvhnkhgfdrwsty disease* because I read it on Internet…”

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This is not typically a health blog. I just wanted to share a small part of my “day by day” and some experiences of my work with you. At the same time you might get some useful info so I expect you to ask your questions, drop your doubts… Wanna split a bit of my thoughts and of the world of a preventive health care professional: the good, the bad, the sadness and joy, the funny things, the touching seconds, the unsatisfying results, the fulfilling, the frustrating events, the lovable aspect, the hilarious moments…

Disclamer:  my posts have no intention of giving direct medical care. Those are my opinion based on my career and life experiences, created to trigger your thinking, inspire you to actively participate in the process of preserving your mental and physical wellbeing. Always use formal pathways when you need medical or psychological care.

Now, let me tell you something: a Doctor’s job is everyday less easy. All over the world people hear or see or experience that Obesity, Diabetes and other metabolic disorders, Blood Pressure problems, cancer, even skin diseases have increased in the must alarming rates. Viruses, infections… We also know our lifestyle is not helping. Living surrounded of chemicals and in a constant rush, we don’t take the best decisions for our health despite of all the information we have.

But, is that information always reliable?Till what point should we listen to the huge wave of real knowledge or pseudo sciences spread all around the web? When must we seek for a professional’s help?

Let’s think. If you have doubts about a sound of your car’s engine, you may ask friends or read online but in the end you will only trust on your mechanic to solve the problem. As it is your money what you did invest on it, you are not up to lose it.

As same, just doctors or health care providers can give you health advice based on scientific facts and on their experience or research; or to teach you how to go back to our natural essence, how to find must of our answers to uncountable problems in the nature. Also to tell you whenever is time to go into chemicals or non traditional treatment.

Compare : with the mechanic you preserve your car and your money; with us doctors you preserve your life.

Not saying don’t use technology, that’s insane; but only thing that is left is having the people at home asking: Siri, what do I have in my right knee? Imaging yourself going to a restaurant and calling the chef to tell him how he should cook his special; well,you will probably eat burnt food or unsalted, if it is food what they serve you. 🤣🤣🤣

Ok. Don’t panic. Docs will not do any harm to you, we swear on that on graduation day. But for sure is kinda not nice to tell a doctor what to do; also to try to make diagnosis without a title. Diseases are not only what books say, but a conjunction of factors that affect our human body in a different way from one individual to another. Your headache’s origin is not the same as your millionaire neighbor’s headache (that in case he has one…)

So next time going to see your physician, be nice, give the facts of your problem or any data that you think could have led to it, then he will decide. Do not say again your “I read online that I have… “

Respect your doc’s studies and knowledge…

Talk soon.

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“Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter” — Izaak Walton


2 thoughts on “The Journey Begins: “wealldoctors.com””

  1. It must drive doctors mad when their patients bring incorrect knowledge from the internet to them. I do think the internet can hlep though if you read from proper sources. Interesting post!


    1. What bothers us more is their attitude, in my particular case not regarding us for I respect everyone’s opinions and I know that it has nothing to do with my reality, but regarding themselves. They get so attached to that “truth” they found, that sometimes get to sabotage our efforts to help them.

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